Warranty service

Warranty service

If the item has a manufacturer's warranty, this is noted in the description of its features. Then the manufacturer's warranty terms and other warranty terms and conditions will be included in the product description and detailed information will be found on the warranty card.

The warranty begins on the date of sale of the item to you, which is stated on the warranty card or the purchase document.

The manufacturer's warranty is only valid if the operating conditions of the product are not violated and the item has been used for its intended purpose. Usually the conditions of use are stated on the warranty card or in the instruction manual.

To avoid any misunderstanding, please read carefully the instruction manual as well as the terms of warranty and free service.

When submitting the item for warranty repair, it is necessary to present the document of purchase of the item and the warranty certificate of the item, as well as the documents accompanying the manufacturer. The serial number of the item must match the one on the warranty card. During the warranty period, the warranty repair will be free of charge and at the end of the warranty period at the rate of the manufacturer's representative or after-sales service.


*All costs of transporting the item to or from the service centers are borne by you;

*The warranty for repaired goods is not extended; it is valid for the rest of the time;

*Warranty does not apply to information or data stored in the product memory (if the product is designed to store information).