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Mikrofonas radijo stotelei MA22K


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Garsiakalbis mikrofonas radijo stotims su Kenwood jungtimi

ALAN CT200;210;400;410
Midland G11
Wouxun - KG-6xx KG-7xx, KG-8xx , KG-UVxx

Taip pat šioms radijo stotelėms:

HYT -TC-268, TC-268S, TC-270, TC-270S, TC-368, TC-368S, TC-370, TC-370S
Kenwood - TK-2100  TK-2102  TK-2107 TK-2118 TK-2160 TK-240 TK-250 TK-255 TK-260 TK-260G TK-270 TK-270G TK-272G TK-278 TK-278G TK-3100 TK-3101 TK-3102 TK-3107 TK-3118 TK-3160 TK-340 TK-349 TK-350 TK-353 TK-360 TK-360G TK-370 TK-370G TK-373G TK-378 TK-378G TK-430 TK-431 TK-715 TK-240 TK-3102 TK-3207
Linton - LT-2288,  LT-3288,  LT-6288,  LT-5288,  LT-3188,  LT-2188,  LT-3260,  LT-2268,   LT-3268 , LT-6188, LT-6600, LT-6100 LT-6100plus, LT-6000
Lisheng - LS-A188S , LS-E320
Puxing - PX-777  PX-666 PX-3288 PX-888 PX-328 PX-333  PX-999 PX-555
Westar - V-2180 , V-3180
Weierwei - VEV-3288S, V-1000 VEV-V8 VEV-3288 VEV-6288
Quansheng - TG-K4AT  TG-2AT, TG-45AT, TG-42AT, TG-22AT, TG-25AT, TG-UV
Ronson - RT-6000
Surecom - TG-UV
Rongsheung - RT-626
Feidaxin - FD-6288, FD-268, FD-278, FD-288, FD-298

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