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GPS map update

Installing and updating iGO, Garmin, TomTom, and other car, truck, and cell phone navigation maps, accessories and software.

We offer discounts for regular customers!


You have a first generation TomTom ONE*, TomTom XL*, TomTom XL2*, TomTom XL LIVE, TomTomXXL*, TomTom START* ?

Want to update all of Europe, but can't because your model has limited internal memory and no memory card slot?

No need to buy a new navigator or ride with old maps!

We are already soldering and extending the memory of your navigator.

How's it going? A memory card with all the maps of Europe is inserted into the navigator. Externally, the navigator changes nothing. After this step, your navigator starts to use the memory that is being soldered. i.e. 4GB or 8GB.

What is the capacity of the memory card that can be soldered?

The minimum recommended 4GB card is suitable for all models and their editions;
The maximum recommended 8 GB card is for all models except the old TomTom ONE.

Is it could damage the navigator?

No. Neither soldering or fetching information from the memory card has any effect or risk of damaging your navigator's "iron" or operation.

How long does the job take?

If the model is correct and there are no problems, the work is done within 1-2 business days.

Can I turn my navigator into a truck?

If your navigator is a TomTom XL, XL LIVE, XL2 or XXL * and has 64 RAM * - YES, for other models truck software is not available or unstable.

Prices and what goes into the job:

  • Soldering;
  • Updating of maps;
  • Memory card (depending on the size you want);
  • TOTAL:
    4GB memory - 25 EUR

    8GB memory - 28 EUR


We also do not recommend writing truck mode to an older TomTom XL navigator.

*RAM - Random-access memory - it greatly influences the speed of the navigator. Older models have 32 RAM, newer- 64 RAM.


Updating of the latest iGO maps, software recording and updating for both GPS navigation and smartphones with Android operating system, consulting;


 Updating of latest Garmin maps and software, GPS, marine, forest road navigation, specific map recording, consulting;


 Updating latest TomTom maps, recording navigation software, consulting;


 Updating of the latest Navitelmaps, software recording and updating for both GPS navigation and smartphones with Android operating system, consulting;

 Updating of the latest Becker maps, software recording, conversion to iGO software, consulting;


Other GPS navigation systems like Explorer, Mio, Navimax, Lark, Pioneer, Euro GPS update, rewrite, consulting.